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Layers 2

Direct Composites: The Styleitaliano Clinical Secrets

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Layers 2. Direct Composites: The Styleitaliano Clinical Secrets is an essential reference that addresses everyday clinical challenges in esthetic and restorative dentistry by outlining innovative techniques, step by step. Focusing mainly on composite materials, which are the present and future of conservative and esthetic treatments, the authors reinforce their expertise and experience of more than 20 years in esthetic dentistry by providing an important synthesis of the state of the art.

Including interviews with:
Stefen Koubi • Rade Paravina • Newton Fahl • Weber Adad Ricci • Walter Devoto • Lorenzo Breschi • Nitzan Bichacho • Ronaldo Hirata • Nasser Shademan • Roberto Spreafico • Didier Dietschi • Louis Hardan • Angelo Putignano • Miguel Roig Cayó

Chapter 01. Shade
A modern approach to color, from visual methods to the new era in digital color matching, applied to composite.

Chapter 02. Layers
The future of layering, describing the most representative techniques step-by-step and their application to everyday dentistry.

Chapter 03. Index
Ten ways to obtain a palatal wall, with most of the problems we can find. And the classical silicon index perfectioned and simplified.

Chapter 04. Fracture
Twenty steps to obtain a perfect class IV composite restoration consistently, with a brief analysis of finishing lines.

Chapter 05. Neck
Exploring a build-up strategy for stress free class V restorations and the tools to obtain an efficient gingival retraction.

Chapter 06. Proximal
Implementation of the Class III classification according to its clinical difficulty. Margin design, shade and build-up strategy, making emphasis on matrix management as a key of success in these kind of restorations.

Chapter 07. Diastema
Full description of the front-wing technique, a universal strategy to close diastemata without wax-up and improving the current methods.

Chapter 08. Characterizations
Description of the available methods to perceive and detect characterizations. Presenting instant recipes to understand and reproduce them.

Chapter 09. Molars
Tips and tricks for posterior cusp protection, margin elevation and some alternatives to the current materials and techniques.

Chapter 10. Shape
A thorough analysis of dental shape and the full protocol to obtain life-like restorations thanks to the morphology and the polishing.

Chapter 11. Documentation
A simple guide to set your reflex camera to a point-and-shoot use and a recipe for perfect and quick rubber dam isolation.

Chapter 12. Idea factory
A brief summary of our developments, inventions and educational projects of the last 12 years.

Chapter 13. End
Protocols and indications for direct veneering.


Dr. Jordi Manauta

Jordi Manauta was born in Mexico City, where he graduated cum laude. in dentistry from UNITEC (Universidad Tecnológica de México) and apprentice of Dr. Miguel Angel Tamés (Mexico) and Dr. Walter Devoto (Italy). He continued his postgraduate studies in Operative and Aesthetics Dentistry Master in UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) in Barcelona. He is visiting professor in the Siena and Marseille University. He has developed various materials and instruments for aesthetic dentistry and photography in collaboration with international companies. He is the author of the book Layers (quintessence 2012). Scientific consultant for two European Journals. Author and co-author of many publications in international journals, he is frequently invited as a lecturer on these topics. He is dedicated to his private practice.


Dr. Anna Salat


Born in Barcelona, Spain, Anna Salat studied dentistry at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) in Barcelona. She completed a specialization in esthetic and restorative dentistry at the same university, where she became a professor in that department. She has been visiting professor in Siena, Marseille, Valencia, Barcelona, and Lisbon. She is particularly interested in composites, esthetics, and cosmetic dentistry and teaches courses on these topics. She is the author of publications in international journals such as the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry and the Tropical Dental Journal. Together with Dr Manauta, she wrote the book Layers: An Atlas of Composite Resin Stratification (Quintessence Publishing 2012) and is a coauthor of the book Mulher Dentista (Quintessence Publishing 2016). She is an honorary member of the Styleitaliano group. She loves to find ways to make things look better, and she applies this life philosophy by combining adhesive dentistry and conservative techniques to improve smiles.


Dr. Walter Devoto DDS, PhD

I am a professional son of Samuele Valerio who thought me once… Nature, aesthetics, cosmetics and conservation are the same thing… dentistry. In my private practice in Sestri Levante, near the Ligurian sea I have learnt how to make wonderful dentistry in wonderful people, just putting passion in every little thing. After my dental training in Genova I have had the opportunity to travel around Italy and the world lecturing and training dentists in Aesthetic and Conservative Dentistry. Passion for composite has given me the opportunity of being a teacher in conservative dentistry in Genova and Madrid. And in the present time a Professor in Siena (Siena University), Marsella (Universiè de la Mediterranèe) and Barcelona (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya). Author and co-author of several publications in scientific international journals, lecturer in national and international courses and congresses on this subject. Lecturer and trainer in the most important European universities (Paris, Nice, Geneve, Varsavia, San Pietroburgo, Prague, Salonicco).


Prof. Angelo Putignano MD, DDS

After completing his M.D., Prof. Angelo Putignano received a postgraduate certificate for Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Ancona in Italy. Following this, he became the professor in Restorative Dentistry for Marche Polytechnic University’s School of Dentistry. And concurrently, he is the head of the Operative Dentistry and Endodontics department, and Dean for the School of Dental Hygiene at Marche Polytechnic University. Being an active member of both the Italian Society of Operative Dentistry and the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Prof. Putignano has continued to demonstrate excellence within multiple fields of dentistry. He is also the founding member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Prof. Putignano has brought his knowledge to multiple publications, co-authoring such textbooks as Adhesive Dentistry: The Key to Success and Indirect Conservative Restoration of Posterior Teeth. When not lecturing on adhesive and esthetic restorations or contributing to dental literature, he runs his own private practice limited to Restorative Dentistry in Ancona, Italy.