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The Lips

45 Injection Techniques for Esthetic Lip Treatment

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In routine daily practice, treating the lips presents a challenge even for the experienced therapist. The patient’s individual requirements, the huge range of products and preparations on offer as well as the specific circumstances encountered with previously treated lips all require the attending physician to have a profound, expert knowledge of anatomy, of product properties, and of the various techniques with the potential risks associated with them.

In this book, all the relevant aspects of case history, anatomy, treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers, and injection techniques with their risks are presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand. The content is completed by case examples, numerous practice tips, and additional commercial and product-specific advisory notes. The aim of the authors is to provide both seasoned and less experienced therapists with a manual and an aid to treatment, equipping them with all the key information needed to independently prepare, perform, and optimize lip treatments in esthetic medicine. The book also contains practical videos that visually demonstrate many of the techniques described, accessed via QR codes.

Chapter 01. The Lips

– Beauty
– Function
– Anatomy
– Aging Process of the Mouth Region
– Lip Shape and Expression
– Analysis of the Lip Region
– Merz Scales

Chapter 02. Consultation

– Patient’s Wishes
– Medical History and Examination
– Contraindications
– Analysis and Findings
– Documentation
– Counseling, Information Session
– Budgeting
– Treatment Planning

Chapter 03. Documentation

– Patient Documentation
– Photographic Documentation

Chapter 04. The Dermal Filler Hyaluronic Acid

– Requirements for Hyaluronic Acid in Lip Treatment
– Filler Properties
– Dermal Filler Products
– Filler Products for Treatment of the Lips and Perioral Region
– Filler Products for Revitalization and Hydration
– Filler Products for Medium Augmentation
– Filler Products for Deep Augmentation
– Filler Products for Very Deep Augmentation
– Filler Navigator

Chapter 05. Anesthetic Methods

– Maximum Compression of the Lip
– Application of Cold Stimuli
– Topical Anesthetic Cream
– Direct Lidocaine Application
– Anesthetic Skin Wheals at the Injection Site
– Nerve Block using the Mucosal Block or Micro-Nerve Block Technique
– Conduction Anesthesia
– Complications of Local Anesthesia

Chapter 06. Complications, Side Effects, Follow-Up Assessment

– Discoloration
– Edema
– Infection
– Nodules
– Vascular Complications
– Follow-Up Assessment

Chapter 07. Practice Fittings and Facilities, Materials, Patient Management

– The Practice Ambience
– Furnishings
– Hygiene
– Equipment used in Pre- and Post-Treatment Care
– Patient Management during the Treatment

Chapter 08. Injection Techniques

– Introduction
– Injection according to Skin Layer
– Injection Techniques and Effects – Sharp Needle
– Injection Techniques and Effects – Blunt Cannula
– Technical Notes, Experience-Based Observations, and Practical Tips

Chapter 09. 45 Techniques for Lip Treatment

– Hydration, Revitalization
– Accents
– Perioral Lines
– Lip Volume
– Perioral Volume
– Shaping, Beautification

Chapter 10. The 45 Lip Treatment Techniques: An Overview

– Synoptic Table

Chapter 11. Case Examples

– Perioral Lines, Atrophied Mouth
– Older Mouth with Thin Lips
– Previously Treated Lips
– Oral Commissure Lines, Thin Lower Lip, Minor Asymmetries, Dry Upper Lip
– Perioral Shadows and Areas of Asymmetry
– Asymmetric Mouth
– Beautification of Young, Full Lips
– Thin Lips with Poorly Defined Contours
– Small Mouth with a Prominent Medial Tubercle
– Sad, Young Mouth
– Dry Lips

Chapter 12. Appendix

– References
– Video Register
– Web Links
– Image Sources
– Index


Regine Reymond

Regine Reymond – alternative practitioner, pharmaceutical representative, and co-owner of the company “easinject” – is an expert in the area of esthetic lip treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers and, since 2001, an experienced user of minimally invasive injection techniques. Since then, she has also organized or led more than 150 workshops, seminars, and symposia on the topic of filler techniques.