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QuintEd is an independent Australian owned company focused on dental education and media.

We are not a subsidiary of Quintessence Publishing but will continue to develop a close relationship with Quintessence Publishing and share a similar ethos of advancing education and knowledge globally.

At QuintEd, our mission is to enhance the Quintessence global education legacy through innovative initiatives that empower and uplift the dental profession in Australia and New Zealand.

Our approach focuses on fostering accessibility, collaboration, and excellence in dental education.

Our primary goal is to provide a seamless and enriching experience for dental professionals by redefining the way Quintessence Publishing books are accessed and distributed in Australia and New Zealand. Reintroduce Quintessence symposiums and bridge the gap between dental experts and practitioners.

Quintessence Books:

We recognize the significance of timely access to educational resources. At QuintEd, we have Quintessence Publishing books readily available. By buying directly from QuintEd, you will receive your book faster and save on expensive international shipping fees.


We are dedicated to reintroducing the Quintessence Symposiums on the educational calendar of Australia and New Zealand. These symposiums serve as dynamic platforms for interaction, learning, and hands-on experiences. Our approach encompasses both intimate hands on meetings and international symposiums. Furthermore, we provide independent educational materials that cater to the needs of dentists, manufacturers, and dealers alike.

Connecting Dental Minds:

We are passionate about facilitating a direct line of communication between Quintessence authors – both local and international – and the dental professionals of Australia and New Zealand.

Join us in elevating dental education with QuintEd.