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Illustrated Guide to Percutaneous Collagen Induction

Basics | Indications | Uses

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This book was written by the team of international authors who first described the method of percutaneous collagen induction, better known as “Needling.” It provides a vivid, practically oriented, and holistic description of a highly efficient and previously little-known treatment approach for skin regeneration. Using impressive case histories, 300 outstanding didactic photographs, anatomical graphics, and convincing scientific data, the authors confirm the method’s efficacy for the rejuvenating treatment of skin conditions such as scars, lines, sagging skin, and stretch marks. This attractively illustrated and clearly structured step-by-step guide takes the reader through the basics of the method’s mechanism of action, perioperative organisation, and indication-related uses, highlighting the latest devices and providing expert practical tips.

Chapter 1. Basics of Dermatology
Chapter 2. Scientific Basics
Chapter 3. The Consultation
Chapter 4. Documentation Methods
Chapter 5. Perioperative Management
Chapter 6. Uses
Chapter 7. Practical Aids for the Practitioner


PD Dr. med. Matthias Aust

Dr Matthias Aust, Associate Professor and Chief Consulting Physician at the Clinic for Plastic Reconstructive Surgery at the Malteserkrankenhaus Hospital in Bonn, Germany, where he has successfully practiced surgical Needling for many years, e.g. in the treatment of burn scars. He has presented his research and clinical results to fellow experts at international conferences and in many internationally renowned journals.


Dr. Svenja-Katharina Bahte

Dr Svenja-Katharina Bahte, Specialist Physician at the Department of Nephrology, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany.