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Decision-Making for the Periodontal Team

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High-quality dental patient management demands an appropriately skilled team. It is the general dental practitioner’s responsibility to coordinate the team and to take overall responsibility as the team leader. This book describes how to build a team that provides all the specialties necessary to achieve a stable, functional, esthetic masticatory unit, which not only encompasses the management of periodontal disease, but integrates a treatment plan the patient can maintain.

Chapter 01. The Periodontal Team
Chapter 02. Medicolegal Aspects of Employing Professionals Complementary to Dentistry
Chapter 03. Working Together
Chapter 04. Selecting Surgery Equipment for the Dental Hygienist
Chapter 05. Prevention of Oral Disease I: Periodontal Disease
Chapter 06. Prevention of Oral Disease II: Diseases of the Hard Tissues
Chapter 07. Management of Periodontal Diseases
Chapter 08. Orthodontics and Periodontal Health
Chapter 09. Occlusion of Relation to Periodontal Disease
Chapter 10. Periodontal-Restorative Interface


Prof. Iain L. C. Chapple PhD, BDS, FDSRCPS, FDSRCS, CCST (Rest Dent)

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Prof Iain L.C. Chapple, PhD, BDS, FDSRCPS, FDSRCS, CCST (Rest Dent), is Professor of Periodontology and Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, and Head of Research for the Institute of Clinical Sciences, at the University of Birmingham, UK.