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Anterior Ceramic Restorations

Details That Make the Difference

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The objective of this superb book is to outline clinical protocols for ceramic restorations in the esthetic zone. From the basics of esthetic planning to the details of adhesive cementation, the author presents each topic in a logical sequence that is easy to follow and establishes this book as a go-to clinical manual. The exploration of each topic is based on scientific evidence and answers the triad of questions that matter most—when, how, and why each procedure should be performed. Detailed clinical cases demonstrate the details that make the most difference to achieving optimal results. The concepts and cases covered are intended to expand the range of any practitioner’s clinical options in daily practice to achieve clinical excellence.

Chapter 01. Digital Photography in Dentistry
Chapter 02. Esthetic Planning and Digital Tools
Chapter 03. Diagnostic Wax-up and Mock-up Techniques
Chapter 04. Injectable Resin Technique for Provisional Restorations
Chapter 05. Intraradicular Restorations
Chapter 06. Tooth Preparations for Anterior Ceramic Restorations
Chapter 07. Techniques for Impressions and Provisional Restorations
Chapter 08. Ceramic Systems
Chapter 09. Adhesive Cementation
Chapter 10. Ceramic Fragment Restorations
Chapter 11. Modification of Peri-Implant Contours
Chapter 12. Introduction to Digital Dentistry

With contributions from:
Mateus Voigt • Erika Clavijo • Alvaro Blasi • Paulo F. Mesquita de Carvalho • Robert Carvalho da Silva • Julio C. Joly • Thiago Bezerra • Leonardo Bocabella • Murilo Calgaro • Cristiano Soares • Willy Clavijo


Dr. Victor Clavijo

Brazil, São Paulo

Dr. Victor Clavijo holds a degree in Dentistry at the Paulista University – UNIP. He later earned both a master’s and a doctoral degree in Restorative Dentistry from the Araraquara Dental School, São Paulo State University – UNESP. He has specialization in Implant Dentistry, SENAC University, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He maintains a private practice emphasizing restorative esthetic dentistry. He published more than 40 articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish.