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The Immediacy Concept

Treatment Planning from Analog to Digital

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Immediate loading meets digital treatment planning in this latest implant title. The authors emphasize that the preservation of alveolar hard and soft tissues using the immediacy concept is more predictable than is the reconstruction of the hard and soft tissues using the traditional delayed approach once resorption has occurred. Immediate loading has also been shown to be very predictable in cases of full-arch reconstructions and has become the treatment of choice in cases where appropriate criteria are met. Since a thorough understanding of analog protocols is necessary before attempting a digital case, the authors review these fundamental concepts to provide context for the transition to the digital realm. The book begins by outlining the principles of immediate loading and those of digital workflows before delving into individual clinical situations ranging from single teeth to full arches, both with and without bone resorption. Information on prosthetics is included as well as surgical treatment planning. The book concludes with a chapter entirely devoted to case presentations of all the treatment types covered throughout. If you are ready to step into the future of dental implant treatment, this book is for you!

Section I. The Immediacy Concept
Chapter 01. Osseointegration Demystified
Chapter 02. Biologic Principles and the Immediacy Concept
Chapter 03. Implant Design for the Immediacy Concept
Chapter 04. Biomechanical Principles for Immediate Loading
Chapter 05. The Tissue-Level Implant

Section II. The Digital Workflow
Chapter 06. Digital Workflow and the Immediacy Concept
Chapter 07. Digital Workflow Step by Step
Chapter 08. Complete Digital Workflow for Full-Arch Rehabilitation
Chapter 09. Analog to Digital Workflow in Immediacy

Section III. Treating Fully Edentulous Arches
Chapter 10. Loading Protocols for Full-Arch Rehabilitation
Chapter 11. Systematic Treatment Planning Protocol for the Maxilla
Chapter 12. The Tilted Implant Concept in the Maxilla
Chapter 13. Systematic Treatment Planning Protocol for the Mandible

Section IV. Prosthetics for Full-Arch Rehabilitation
Chapter 14. Chairside Analog Conversion for a Fixed Provisional Prosthesis
Chapter 15. Workflow and Material Choice for the Full-Arch Prosthesis
Chapter 16. Managing Structural Complications of Full-Arch Restorations

Section V. Zygomatic Implants
Chapter 17. Biomechanical Principles for Zygomatic Implants
Chapter 18. New Zygomatic Implant Design
Chapter 19. Prevention and Management of Zygomatic Implant Complications

Section VI. Case Presentations
Chapter 20. Case Presentations

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Prof. Edmond Bedrossian DDS

United States of America, San Francisco

Dr. Edmond Bedrossian graduated from the University of San Francisco in 1981. He completed his training in 1986 at the University of The Pacific, School of Dentistry and completed a four-year Oral & Maxillofacial Residency training program at the Alameda Medical Center. In addition to private practice, Dr. Bedrossian is recognized as an expert in the field of dental implants and has given numerous presentations on the subject both nationally and internationally between 2004 and the present. He has also led several long-running study clubs related to this topic. In addition, he has lectured internationally with Professor Brånemark on various topics, especially the rehabilitation of patients with maxillofacial defects.



Lawrence E. Brecht DDS

United States of America, New York

Dr. Brecht is currently the Director of Maxillofacial Prosthetics at Lenox Hill Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital of the Northwell Health System, the largest hospital system in New York State. In addition, he serves as the Director of Maxillofacial Prosthetics in the Postgraduate Prosthodontic Program of NYU College of Dentistry where he is an Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor of Prosthodontics. Dr. Brecht also has the privilege of an appointment in the Department of Head & Neck Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center of The University of Texas. Prior to its dissolution in 2015, for over 25 years, Dr. Brecht was the Director of Dental Services at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center with appointments at NYU School of Medicine in the Department of Plastic Surgery and the Department of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery. Dr. Brecht maintains a private practice in Manhattan limited to maxillofacial prosthetics and prosthodontics He has authored numerous articles and book chapters on the maxillofacial reconstruction and oral rehabilitation of patients with cancer or craniofacial anomalies. He is part of the team that developed the ”Jaw-in-a-Day” (JIAD) technique for immediate reconstruction of the maxilla or mandible with microvascular composite flaps along with immediate implants and prosthetic rehabilitation. Similarly, he was part of the team that developed nasoalveolar molding (NAM) for the care of infants with a cleft. He is a past-president of the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics and the American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics (AAMP). In addition, Dr. Brecht has received numerous awards, including the Andrew J. Ackerman Award from the AAMP for outstanding contributions to the field of maxillofacial prosthetics. He is also one of the authors of the textbook, “The Immediacy Concept” published in 2022 by Quintessence. He lectures regularly both nationally and internationally on the topics of immediate reconstruction throughout the oral cavity and maxillofacial region. Dr. Brecht serves as the president of The Maxillofacial Foundation as well as the NextGenFace Foundation.