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Teeth for Life for Older Adults

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As our ageing population retain more teeth into old age, the burden of dental maintenance increases. This text presents an overview of these challenges facing the dentist and how edentulousness in old age can be prevented with long-term treatment planning. Treatment strategies designed to minimize risk to the remaining natural dentition are also described.

Chapter 01. The Edentulous State
Chapter 02. Changing Times: The Dentate Elderly
Chapter 03. Threats to Oral Health in Older Adults
Chapter 04. Ageing and Periodontal Disease
Chapter 05. Root Caries: Aetiology, Diagnosis and Management
Chapter 06. Tooth Wear in Older Adults
Chapter 07. Endodontics and the Older Adult
Chapter 08. Functionally Oriented Treatment Planning
Chapter 09. Tooth Replacement in Partially Dentate Older Adults
Chapter 10. Overdentures: The Bottom Line for Older Adults