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Surgical Complications in Oral Implantology

Etiology, Prevention, and Management

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This exceptional new book is designed as a self-instruction guide to the diagnosis, management, and prevention of surgery-related complications in implant dentistry. It functions in two ways: First, it is a valuable resource for the implant surgeon seeking practical and succinct information about how to manage a complication in an emergency setting; and second, it can be read from cover to cover as a primer on implant surgery, from the initial consultation and treatment planning through the restorative phase of treatment. Besides addressing pre-, intra-, and postoperative implant surgery complications, the book also includes a comprehensive treatment-planning protocol that allows for the early detection of potential surgical complications and how to avoid them. Early detection of complications that are amenable to rescue therapies may reverse the fate of a failing implant or a bone-grafting procedure. Invaluable for the novice and experienced implant surgeon alike.

Part I. Identifying Preoperative Conditions That Could Lead to Complications
• Inadequate or Excessive Vertical Restorative Space
• Inadequate Horizontal Restorative Space
• Limited Jaw Opening and Interarch Distance
• Inadequate Alveolar Width for Optimal Buccolingual Positioning
• Maxillary and Mandibular Tori

Part II. Intraoperative Complications in Implant Placement
• Incorrect Implant Angulation
• Malalignment
• Nerve Injury
• Irregular or Narrow Alveolar Crest
• Extensive Resorption of the Mandible
• Curved Extraction Socket
• Injury to Adjacent Teeth During Implant Placement
• Preoperative Acute and Chronic Infections at the Implant Site
• Retained Root Tips in the Implant Site
• Bleeding
• Overheating of the Bone During Drilling
• Stripping of the Implant Site
• Sinus Floor Perforation
• Nasal Floor Perforation
• Accidental Partial or Complete Displacement of Dental Implants into the Maxillary Sinus
• Accidental Displacement of Dental Implants into the Maxillary Incisive Canal
• Deep Implant Placement
• Shallow Implant Placement
• Complications in Flapless Implant Placement
• Aspiration or Ingestion of Foreign Objects
• Mandibular Bone Fracture
• Implant Fracture
• Excessive Torque During Insertion and Compression Necrosis
• Inadequate Initial Stability

Part III. Postoperative Complications
• Postoperative Pain
• Tissue Emphysema Induced by Dental Procedures
• Incision Line Reopening
• Cover Screw Exposure During the Healing Period
• Bone Growth over the Cover Screw
• Soft Tissue Growth Between Implant Platform and Cover Screw
• Bone Loss or Thread Exposure During the Healing Period
• Implant Mobility During Stage-Two Surgery
• Implant Periapical Lesion (IPL) and Retrograde Peri-implantitis
• Cement Left in the Pocket
• Radiotherapy, Osteoradionecrosis, and Dental Implants
• Shallow Vestibule Secondary to Ridge Augmentation
• Medicolegal Issues

Part IV. Complications Associated with Lateral Window Sinus Elevation
Preoperative Complications:
• Preoperative Acute Sinusitis
• Preoperative Chronic Sinusitis
• Preoperative Fungal Sinusitis
• Preoperative Cystic Structures and Mucoceles
• Other Preoperative Sinus Lesions

Intraoperative Complications:
• Hematoma During Anesthesia
• Bleeding During Incision and Flap Reflection
• Bleeding During Osteotomy
• Damage to Adjacent Dentition
• Perforation of the Sinus Membrane During Osteotomy
• Perforation of the Sinus Membrane During Elevation
• Incomplete Elevation
• Bleeding During Membrane Elevation
• Fracture of the Residual Alveolar Ridge
• Excessive Elevation of the Membrane
• Presence of a Mucus Retention Cyst
• Blockage of the Maxillary Ostium
• Unstable Implants

Early Postoperative Complications:
• Wound Dehiscence
• Acute Graft Infection/Sinusitis
• Exposure of the Bone Graft and/or Barrier Membrane
• Sinus Congestion
• Early Implant Migration into the Sinus Cavity

Late Postoperative Complications:
• Insufficient Quality and/or Quantity of Healed Graft
• Implant Failure in the Augmented Sinus
• Chronic Infection/Sinusitis
• Infection of All Paranasal Sinuses/Intracranial Cavity
• Delayed Implant Migration into the Sinus Cavity
• Sinus Aspergillosis

Part V. Pharmacology: Prevention and Management of Pain, Infection, and Drug-Related
• Intra- and Postoperative Infection
• Intra- and Postoperative Pain
• Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
• Bleeding Problems in Patients Taking Anticoagulants or Antiplatelet Agents

• Implant Treatment Protocol
• Consent Forms
• Postoperative Instructions


Dr. Louie Al-Faraje DDS

United States of America, San Diego, CA

Dr. Louie Al-Faraje literally defined and authored the art of Oral Implantology. As a leading authority, he created many classifications and techniques, the standards by which oral implantology surgical procedures can be successfully performed. His name has become synonymous with results-oriented oral implantology treatments around the world. A highly experienced clinician, educator and innovator, Dr. Louie Al-Faraje is continually advancing the protocols for oral implantology surgical treatments. His California Implant Institute in San Diego, California utilizes today’s most innovative and effective clinical solutions to create and maintain optimal oral health using dental implants and bone grafting procedures. Additionally, he is a board-certified, practicing oral implantologist in San Diego California, as well as an author and educator, who presented hundreds of lectures and trained hundreds of dentists throughout the world. He is the author of a bestseller textbook Surgical Complications in Oral Implantology published by Quintessence in 2011 and available in 7 languages, Oral Implantology Surgical Procedures Checklist Quintessence 2012, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy for Oral Implantology Quintessence 2013, Oral Implantology Review Quintessence 2016 and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Oral Implantology (JOI). Dr. Louie Al-Faraje received his medical education at Kiev Medical School/ faculty of Stomatology and followed by postdoctoral training at Loma Linda University in California. Visit his website at: