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Paediatric Cariology

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Teeth are important to children, particularly primary teeth. What can be done in the dental surgery to prevent disease? Moreover, the anatomy of primary teeth results in pulpal change faster. Fortunately, restorative techniques are simpler. This book unravels the modern theories of cariology and provides simple step-by-step guides to restoration.

Chapter 1. Paediatric Cariology: Management and Myth
Chapter 2. Diagnosis of Dental Caries
Chapter 3. Treatment Planning and Managing Toothache
Chapter 4. The Caries Prevention Tool Kit and How to Use It
Chapter 5. Intracoronal Restorations for Posterior Primary Teeth
Chapter 6. Preformed Crowns Are Easy
Chapter 7. Pulp Therapy in the Primary Dentition
Chapter 8. Avoiding Extraction of Carious Anterior Primary Teeth
Chapter 9. How to Cheat at Dental Dam