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Implant Prosthodontics

A Patient-Oriented Strategy: Planning | Treatment Procedures | Longevity | Esthetics | Function | Dental Technology

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Written by a team of renowned authors, this book provides a comprehensive and systematic discussion of implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation—the ultimate goal of almost all dental implant surgeries. The authors focus on the essential principles of problem-centered design of the prosthesis. With more than 2,000 illustrations and a full complement of treatment algorithms for various clinical situations, it offers coherent, evidence-based strategies for prosthetically driven implant surgery and custom esthetic restorative techniques in a step-by-step manner, from initial planning through prosthetic delivery and follow-up. In addition, because high-quality implant dentistry and implant prosthodontics are possible only with a treatment team that works well together, key aspects of interactions between the implant surgeon and the prosthodontist, the prosthodontist and the dental technician, and the patient and the treatment team are discussed in detail. This book is a must for all clinicians involved in implant restoration and is destined to become a standard reference work.

A. Basic Principles
Chapter 01. Introduction
Chapter 02. Patient Profile
Chapter 03. Esthetic Profile
Chapter 04. Dental Prosthesis Profile
Chapter 05. Implant-Abutment Profile
Chapter 06. Timing of Implant Placement and Loading Protocols in Implantology
Chapter 07. Emergence Profile

B. Treatment Concept and Treatment Planning
Chapter 08. Treatment Concept
Chapter 09. Using Decision Trees to Select the Best Individual Treatment

C. Clinical Procedure
Chapter 10. Radiographic Analysis and the Surgical Guide
Chapter 11. Surgical Procedure
Chapter 12. Provisional Restoration
Chapter 13. Impression-Taking Technique
Chapter 14. The Maxillomandibular Relationship Record
Chapter 15. Crowns and Fixed Dental Prostheses
Chapter 16. Removable Restorations
Chapter 17. Occlusal Concepts
Chapter 18. The Significance of Intraoral Optical Impressions in Implant Prosthodontics
Chapter 19. Aftercare and Recall
Chapter 20. Prosthetic Complications


Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolfart

Germany, Aachen

Professor Dr. Stefan Wolfart studied dentistry at Philipps University, Marburg between 1990 and 1995 subsequently receiving his doctorate in that field in 1998. Following a one-year professional activity in a dental practice he worked as research assistant at the Department of Prosthodontics, Propaedeutics and Dental Materials of the Kiel campus of the University Hospital, Schleswig-Holstein. In 2001 he was asigned as assistant medical director and became a specialist in Prosthodontics. He received his habilitation in 2006. Since October 2008, Wolfart has been professor and director of the Department of Prosthodontics and Materials Science at Aachen University Hospital. The focus of his activities is on oral implantology, dental esthetics, the clinical performance of new all-ceramic materials and the concomitant quality-of-life improvements.