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How to Draw Teeth and Why it Matters

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Understanding tooth morphology and anatomical form is crucial to being a good dentist, to ensure both function and esthetics. Dr Elgendy contends that the ability to draw an accurate outline of a tooth is a good indication that a student has clearly seen and understood its external morphology. After all, learning to draw the fine details of the tooth is really learning to see them in the first place. For this reason, the author created this book to guide dental students to seeing and reproducing tooth morphology. The workbook begins with the basics of drawing and quickly shifts to the details of each tooth and how to tackle its morphology. Practice pages are included for each tooth, with extra pages at the end for further practice. Part art book and part workbook, this beautiful publication will inspire students and dentists alike to better see, and therefore capture what they see in their restorations.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Drawing: A Path to Creativity
Chapter 2. Drawing with Measurements
Chapter 3. Freehand Drawing


Hanan Elgendy BDS, MS

United States of America, Greenville

Hanan Elgendy, BDS, MS, is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of General Dentistry, Operative Dentistry Division at East Carolina University (ECU) School of Dental Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina, where she is the director of the Dental Anatomy, Dental Photography, and Advanced Esthetic Operative courses. Dr Elgendy earned her BDS from Ain Shams University in Egypt and was in private practice for 5 years before moving to the United States in 2012. She completed a master’s degree in operative dentistry at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2016 and was a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Operative Dentistry there until joining ECU in 2019. Her major interest is enhancing student learning in dental anatomy, dental photography, CAD/CAM, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr Elgendy has dedicated her career to teaching restorative dentistry, and she takes pride in knowing how much her students love learning how to draw teeth.