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Fractures of the Mandibular Condyle

Basic Considerations and Treatment

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This books builds on the seminal works presented at the International Bone Research. Association’s symposium devoted entirely to this subject, which was held in Strasbourg, France in November 2007. Many preeminent experts in this field took part in the IBRA symposium. With this strong foundation, the book provides an excellent overview of current knowledge on the principles and strategies for treatment of condylar fractures The diagnosis and range of options available for treatment of fractures in the temporomandibular joint region are explained based on the anatomical, functional and biomechanical principles of the mandibular condyle. The latest findings of biomechanics research and their implications for treatment practice are portrayed in numerous illustrations and discussed in detail by the authors.

I. Basics
Chapter 01. Embryology, Development and Growth of the Condyle
Chapter 02. The Temporomandibular Joint
Chapter 03. Physiology of the Temporomandibular Joint
Chapter 04. Incidence, Etiology and Classification of Condylar Fractures
Chapter 05. History of Treatment Concepts
Chapter 06. Biomechanics
Chapter 07. Clinical Features of Condylar Fractures
Chapter 08. Imaging of Condylar Fractures
Chapter 09. Microtrauma to the Mandibular Joint and Condylar Hyperplasia
Chapter 10. Treatment of Mandibular Condylar Process Fractures: Biological Considerations

II. Functional Treatment of Condylar Fractures
Chapter 11. Orthopedic Treatment
Chapter 12. Functional Treatment of Condylar Fractures

III. Surgical Treatment of Condylar Neck Fractures
Chapter 13. Surgical Approaches to the Condylar Neck
Chapter 14. Open Reduction Without Internal Fixation
Chapter 15. Open Reduction, Internal Fixation (ORIF)

IV. Surgical Treatment of Condylar Head Fractures
Chapter 16. Surgical Approaches to the Condylar Head
Chapter 17. Internal Fixation

V. Special Topics
Chapter 18. Endoscopic Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Condylar Fractures
Chapter 19. Pediatric Condylar Fractures
Chapter 20. Postoperative Physiotherapy after Condylar Fracture Surgery

M.-R. Bollack • P. Bourjat • U. Eckelt • L. Califano • E. Ellis • F. Fabbrocino • J. Ferri • W. Hallermann • A. Hohoff • T. Iizuka • J.-L. Kahn • J. Kleinheinz • C. Klug • C. Landes • G. Lauer • O. Lieger • T. W. Lloyd • M. Mattarocci • C. Meyer • A. Neff • S. Parascandolo • M. Pasquino • G. Raoul • M. Rasse • D. Schumann • R. Seemann • E. Solyom • A. Spinzia • T. Stamm • H. Thorén • G. Throckmorton • A. Wagner • F. Wanschitz • D. Weingart • K. Wermker • A. Wilk • A. Wiss