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Essentials in Piezosurgery

Clinical Advantages in Dentistry

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This book presents the clinical advantages of Piezosurgery—over traditional methods for tooth extraction, ridge expansion, sinus lifts, bone grafting, and clinical crown lengthening, as shown by research and clinical experience over the decade since the author first developed the technique. The reader will also find information about recent advancements in the field, including a presurgical assessment of implant site anatomy, based on a newly developed bone classification, and an innovative ultrasonic implant site preparation technique, which allows optimization of implant placement in difficult anatomic areas. In addition, the book describes the use of orthodontic microsurgery, a new orthodontic-piezosurgical technique that allows rapid tooth movement while preventing damage to the periodontal tissues. General practitioners, oral surgeons, and implant dentists will find unique insight into the clinical benefits of piezoelectric bone surgery.

Section I. Introduction
Chapter 01. History of the Invention of Piezoelectric Bone Surgery
Chapter 02. Characteristics of Piezosurgery—Surgical Instruments

Section II. Technology and Surgery
Chapter 03. Clinical Characteristics and Surgical Protocols

Section III. Clinical Advantages of Piezosurgery in Dentistry
Chapter 04. Tooth Extraction Techniques
Chapter 05. Crown Lengthening Technique
Chapter 06. Ridge Expansion Technique
Chapter 07. Maxillary Sinus Lift Technique
Chapter 08. Bone Grafting Techniques

Section IV. New Concepts and New Surgical Techniques Using Piezosurgery
Chapter 09. New Bone Classification for Analysis of the Single Surgical Site
Chapter 10. New Technique of Ultrasonic Implant Site Preparation
Chapter 11. Orthodontic Microsurgery: New Corticotomy Technique


Tomaso Vercellotti MD, DDS

Tomaso Vercellotti, MD, DDS is the inventor of Piezosurgery and the developer of several piezoelectric surgical protocols, which have been published in numerous prestigious publications. Dr Vercellotti is Founder and International Chairman of the International Piezoelectric Bone Surgery Academy (IPA), Honorary Professor and Faculty at the University College of London Eastman Dental Institute, and Honorary Member of the Schluger-Ammons Study Club. He is an active member of numerous professional associations and the 2005 recipient of the Andi Award from the Italian Dental Association (AIO) for scientific and cultural merit. He has authored some of the most important scientific and clinical studies on piezoelectric bone surgery as well as the book Essentials in Piezosurgery: Clinical Advantages in Dentistry (Quintessence, 2009). Dr Vercellotti has dedicated over 30 years to the rehabilitation of complex cases and currently maintains a private practice specializing in periodontology and implantology in Genoa, Italy.