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Community Oral Health

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Sometimes referred to as dental public health, community oral health is an established specialty in parts of Europe and the UK whose practitioners consider dentistry in relation to populations and communities as opposed to individual patient care. The second edition of this popular textbook offers a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of community oral health issues, providing many more examples, illustrations, and perspectives from around the world. Written by leading international experts in the field of oral public health, it addresses topics such as principles and practices of public health, the primary health care approach, inequalities in oral health, assessment of oral health needs and demands, community-based strategies for prevention, and much more. Ideal for undergraduates, postgraduates, and general practitioners interested in how the health systems in which they operate affect the care they can provide.

Section 1: Planning Oral Health Programmes for Populations
1. Principles and Practice of Public Health
2. The Primary Health Care Approach
3. Inequalities in Oral Health: the Social Context for Oral Health
4. Oral Health Needs Assessment
5. Reviewing Assisting Data: Appraising the Evidence
6. The Management of Change

Section 2: Design and Use of Systems to Monitor Oral Health
7. Principles and Methods of Oral Epidemiology
8. Issues in Statistics Relevant to the Design and Analysis of Community Oral Health Studies
9a. Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders: Dental Caries
9b. Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders: Periodontal Diseases
9c. Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders: Oral Cancer
9d. Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders: Dental Trauma
9e. Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders: Developmental Enamel Defects
9f. Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders: Dentofacial Irregularities
9g. Public Health Aspects of Oral Diseases and Disorders: Tooth Wear
10. Trends in Oral Health

Section 3: Selection of Interventions and Strategies to Prevent Oral Disease and Promote Oral Health
11. Principles of Oral Health Promotion
12. Theory-based approaches to the Planning and Evaluation of Oral Health Education Programmes
13. Nutrition, Dietary Guidelines and Food Policy
14. Practical Aspects of Oral Health Promotion
15. Community-based Strategies for Preventing Dental Caries
16. Water Fluoridation

Section 4: Commissioning and Evaluation of Dental Health Services
17. The Principles of Organisation and Models of Delivery of Oral Health Care
18a. Varieties of Oral Health Care Systems: Compulsory Dental Health Insurance Program in Belgium
18b. Varieties of Oral Health Care Systems: Public Dental Services: Organisation and Financing of Oral Health Care Services in the Nordic Countries
18c. Varieties of Oral Health Care Systems: Predominantly Private Dental Care: Delivery of Oral Health Care in the United States
18d. Varieties of Oral Health Care Systems: Emerging market Economies: Delivery of Oral Health Care in China
19. Principles and Practice of Health Economics



Rebecca Harris


Dr Harris was a globally respected climate scientist and was highly influential in the field of climate change impacts on ecology. She was a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), senior Lecturer in Climatology at the University of Tasmania and was the Director of the university’s Climate Futures Program. This research group is known internationally for its climate modelling, climate impacts and adaptation work. Dr Harris also supervised many honours and PhD students and educated thousands of undergraduate students on the science of climate change, its impacts and the responses needed. Dr Harris’ work helped put Tasmania on the map as a leading global location for climate change research and informed many Tasmanians about climate change. She started work with the Climate Futures team in early 2012. From 2018, she led this award-winning team to global recognition, undertaking broad-ranging climate impacts and adaptation work. Under Dr Harris’ leadership, Climate Futures was one of few groups in Australia producing fine scaled regional climate projections with industry-orientated reporting. The Climate Futures’ work that Dr Harris contributed to is foundational to climate-related planning and decision-making for the Tasmanian State Government and local government in Tasmania. As a result, other state governments in Australia began to understand the need for such climate information. Climate Futures’ work, led by Dr Harris, made our university a trusted authority in the climate information space, locally, nationally and internationally. In her short, decade-long research career, Dr Harris authored 66 publications, won numerous research contracts and consultancy projects and in 2016 was awarded a prestigious Humboldt Fellowship.