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Communication Skills for Dental Health Care Providers

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This evidence-based textbook presents the essential communication strategies clinicians should know to facilitate interaction with patients. With a focus on practical strategies instead of dense communication theories, the authors facilitate improved patient-provider communication and demonstrate how to elicit accurate patient information during the health interview, communicate effectively during examinations and procedures, and present preventive and restorative treatment plans from a patient-centered perspective.

Part I. Communication Fundamentals
Chapter 01. Understanding Communication
Chapter 02. Preparing for Patient Communication
Chapter 03. Developing Cultural Competence

Part II. Interaction Skills
Chapter 04. Enhancing Listening Skills
Chapter 05. Improving Verbal Skills
Chapter 06. Refining Nonverbal Communication Skills

Part III. Communication During the Appointment
Chapter 07. Initiating and Interviewing
Chapter 08. Interacting During and After Procedures
Chapter 09. Presenting Treatment Plans

Part IV. Communication Challenges
Chapter 10. Managing Life Span Challenges
Chapter 11. Managing Hearing and Speaking Challenges
Chapter 12. Managing Stigma Challenges