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Brudvik’s Advanced Removable Partial Dentures

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This brand-new edition of Dr Brudvik’s classic text features hundreds of new photographs and drawings to explain the intricacies of complex RPDs. The function of each element of an RPD is described in isolation and by class, and the clinical and laboratory steps of RPD design and creation are reviewed, followed by discussions of various types of prostheses and when/how to use them. This technical manual is aimed at experienced practitioners but still presents the information in a neat, organized, and easy-to-follow manner.

Chapter 01. Treatment Planning
Chapter 02. Elements of Design
Chapter 03. Classification-Based Design
Chapter 04. Mouth Preparation
Chapter 05. Recording the Intraoral Condition
Chapter 06. Laboratory Construction of the Framework
Chapter 07. Establishing the Tooth-Frame Relationship
Chapter 08. Completion of the Partial Denture
Chapter 09. Extending Longevity
Chapter 10. Interim Resin-Based Partial Dentures
Chapter 11. Precision Attachments
Chapter 12. Special Prostheses
Chapter 13. Implants with Partial Dentures
Chapter 14. Frameworks for Implant Overdentures
Chapter 15. Lessons from RPD Evolution

With contibutions from Professor Hai Zhang, DMD, PhD


Michael P. Waliszewski DDS, MsD

United States of America

Michael P. Waliszewski, DDS, MsD, received his DDS from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2002. He subsequently completed his postgraduate training in prosthodontics at the University of Washington in 2005. Upon graduation, he returned home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a clinical assistant professor at Marquette. While his transition to full-time private practice was complete by 2015, he maintained a part-time teaching position until 2022. He remains a full-time clinician who manages the real-world everyday issues of prosthodontics.