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Integrating the latest scientific findings and modern clinical procedures into everyday practice can be a challenge. Based on this understanding, Ghanaati-Education offers a unique solution for dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons as well as their teams. Our online modules, which are based on a combination of WebinarsSurgical Teaching Animations (STA), Surgical Teaching Videos (STV), Illustrated Paper Summary (IPS) as well as Clinical Case Reports enable you as a dental professional and your team to easily apply venipuncture, application of blood concentrates, atraumatic tooth extraction, socket preservation, ridge augmentation, sinus floor augmentation, implantology with tissue level ceramic implants as well as soft tissue management accurately. This on demand visualized learning content helps you to continuously educate yourself and your staff based on application-based indication and regardless the fluctuation in your office. By visualizing and updating state-of-the-art clinical research, Ghanaati-Education enables you to be a part of a growing scientific community, which is focused to apply Open GBR and Guided Open Wound Healing as innovative and regeneration-oriented reconstruction concepts for bone and soft tissue within the oral cavity. The here presented online modules award CE-points upon completion an online exam, which is offered multiple times per year.


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