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Decision-Making in Operative Dentistry

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Operative Dentistry is a rapidly changing field of restorative dentistry. Advances in caries diagnosis and management strategies, pulp protection philosophies, tooth preparation techniques and dental materials have left practitioners somewhat unsure as to what is best practice. This book answers many of the questions frequently posed by practitioners, encourages a less interventive philosophy and is an easy-to-use resource for clinical decision-making.

Chapter 1. Clinical Diagnosis of Dental Caries
Chapter 2. Caries Risk Assessment and Criteria for Intervention
Chapter 3. Preservative Operative Intervention
Chapter 4. Material Considerations
Chapter 5. Pulp Protection Regimes
Chapter 6. Minimizing the Effects of Further Operative Intervention
Chapter 7. Notes on the Aetiology and Operative Management of Non-carious Tooth Tissue Loss